NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A recent survey showed 63 percent of pet owners plan to travel during the holiday with their dog or cat.

But before you and your four-legged friend hit the road, learn what to do — and what to not do — of taking your animal with you on the road.

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Charlotte Reed, the author of “The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette,” hit The Couch with helpful tips.

1.    Travel with your pet if she is well-behaved and can remain calm when left alone. Unfortunately, not all dogs are suited or sized to travel with you.

2.   Call hotels and confirm current pet regulations and perks that they offer. Hotel pet policies change frequently, dont rely on your travel agent or pet travel website. Also, ask them for the name of a pet sitter in the city to which you are spending your holidays.

3.   Be prepared for any situation, and pack all of her pet necessities. These include pop-up tents, food, calming spray, GPS gadgets-in case your pet gets away and a jump drive with relevant pet information (medical records, current pictures, license and rabies number)

4.   Before traveling, acclimate your pet to a soft-sided carrier, a crate, car seat, or safety belt. Dont wait until the last minute. Travelling at the holidays are stressful enough. We want our pets to travel safely.

5.   Airline regulations require that you keep your pet in the carrier from the time you enter the terminal until you leave your destination terminal. Check with the airline so that you know the seat sizes. Not all carriers fit under all seats.

6.   When traveling by car, stop every two hours to three hours and leash her up before she exits the car.  If you are a AAA, let them plan your trip with doggy rest stops.  Also, carry the AAA Pet Book for emergencies.

7.   At rest stops, unless you have no choice dont leave her alone in the car, and be sure to clean up her waste in dog areas. Secure your dog so that she is not lost or stolen. Also dog rest areas can be health hazards from left-over waste from other dogs and wild animals.  Keep your dog on a leash and pick-up after him.

8.   While you are traveling, try to keep her on his regular feeding, watering, and exercise routine. Dont waste time searching for a pet store, use an online pet store to ship her food to the hotel in advance.

9.   Have the hotel staff clean your room when you are both out or when you are both there. Be appreciate and leave a tip from you and your dog.

10. Leave your hotel room in the same condition as when you and your dog arrived.  Remember, you are pet ambassador wherever you go.  Your behavior is a contributing factor as to how other pet owners will be treated


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