NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Nine people, including several pedestrians have been injured in a two car accident in Brooklyn, officials said.

The accident began when an out-of-control SUV sped through a stop sign and slammed into a jeep that flipped into a group of pedestrians, the New York Post reported.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene.

“My mother and I heard screaming and a huge explosion coming from the street. I immediately thought my brother could be out there,” Dianna Babbo told the Post.

Residents told the Post that accidents like this one are a common occurrence at the intersection.

“This cross street is a death trap,” Mohammed Umair said, “A car smashed into a house. This isn’t going to stop until there are more lights and signs put up. More people are going to die if something isn’t done.”

All nine have been taken to Lutheran Hospital, two were listed in critical condition. The accident occurred at the intersection of Quentin Road and West 5th Street, the investigation is on-going.

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