With a GRAMMY nod and new R.E.D. album in stores, Ne-Yo is already working on his follow-up. But there is still the matter of his missing GRAMMY. 

Ne-Yo nominated for “Best Dance Recording” for “Let’s Go” (with Calvin Harris) at the GRAMMYs Nominations Concert–LIVE!!

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The next day, when he was backstage at the Jingle Jam 12, he explained to 93.7/Hartford the importance of his GRAMMY nod.   

“I feel good,” said Ne-Yo on his fourth GRAMMY nod. “The GRAMMYs, that’s a big one.” 

Since 2007, Ne-Yo has been nominated thirteen times, taking home the award three times. 

“Two of them are at [my] house,” the singer explained. “The first one ever is with my mom. She’s not giving it back. I tried to get it back when I moved into my house and she was like ‘no!’” he joked. 

Ne-Yo has been busy lately, going from the GRAMMY Nominations concert one night, to Jingle Jam the next, to performing on SNL over the weekend. 

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“It’s actually one of the more easygoing shows that I have done,” Ne-Yo said of his first SNL experience. Although the artist stated that he enjoys acting, he wants to stay focused on music. “If I could find something where I could do that and stick with music, yea. I don’t know if I could take a year, two years out to just do movies.” 

Ne-Yo tore up the stage at Jingle Jam, performing some of his old favorites to the delight of the audience. Some fans have questioned Ne-Yo’s recent jump from R&B to a more Pop sound. Ne-Yo answered his critics stating that hits are all about listener support. 

“If I put out a R&B song and a pop song at the same time, and the pop song does better than the R&B song, what does that mean? That means the pop fans got behind that song more than the R&B fans got behind that song,” he explained. “If you get R.E.D.,which is in stores now, you will see that the album is literally split right down the middle. One half is R&B, one half is pop. If the pop songs are doing better than the R&B songs and they both come out at the same damn time, how can you blame that on me? It’s up to y’all.” 

Ne-Yo is already working on his follow up to R.E.D. Although he gave no hints on what we can expect genre-wise, he assures fans it will be quality music. 

“With this next album, I am just going to go in and do whatever I feel like. Whatever comes out, comes out. The music is who I am,” he said. “I am never gonna give anything to you that is crap… I am always gonna give you quality. It will just be quality of whatever genre I feel like. At the end of the day I don’t do music for white people, black people, whatever. I do music for people who enjoy music.” 

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-Tyler Roman, Hot 93.7/Hartford