MARLBORO, NJ(CBSNewYork) — The National Rifle Association caused a firestorm with its proposal to put armed guards in every school, but one district in New Jersey is already heeding that call.

“I believe that having an armed police officer, law enforcement official present in our schools will give our students comfort, our town, our community comfort, and will have anybody think twice about coming into Marlboro schools,” Mayor Jon Hornik told CBS 2’s Drew Levinson.

Mayor Hornik said that he made his decision to place armed police officers in all of the district’s schools when they re-open in the New Year, before the suggestion was made by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

The Marlboro school district already has armed police officers in some of its schools, but the high school is the only that has a full-time officer with a gun. In January all nine of the district’s schools will feature armed officers roaming the halls.

Parents in Marlboro appeared to be split on the measure.

“I think it’s a great idea with the way the world is right now, anything to keep our children safe. I think it is a wonderful idea. I think he is doing the right thing,” said Theresa Morreale.

Others disagreed.

“I really don’t think it’s necessary to have guns in school, people living in fear. That’s not how we are supposed to live here in America, we are supposed to get up every day, live our lives and do what we have to do,” said James Dottrina.

Mayor Hornik, a gun control advocate who is normally at odds with the NRA, said that the measure was necessary while the gun control debate rages.

“My first choise would be to never have a gun in our schools, but while the President and the NRA and the Congress debate policy and law, the fact is there are guns out there. How many times do we have to see these kinds of mass shootings before we decide to protect our kids,” the Mayor explained.

Mayor Hornik told CBS 2 that the police department and the board of education have endorsed his plan, funds will come out of the board of education’s budget.

Governor Chris Christie has already said that he does not endorse the idea of armed officers in schools.

In New York, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called the NRA’s plan stupid and asinine, and State Senator Malcolm Smith called for NRA leadership to resign.

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