Dave and Ed rock uber-fan G-men outfits (Credit, Corey Whelan)

They don’t call them Big Blue for nothing, and we’re talking the fans, not just the team. The Giants will be playing hard against the Eagles this Sunday and G-Men’s diehard tailgaters will be showing their spirit in full, blue force by wearing outfits that scream “Playoffs, here we come!” Week 17’s stakes are high nationwide. We may not know what the games will bring, but we do know that hopeful fans will be showing up at MetLife Stadium in blow-out, in-your-face, full-fan regalia. From subtle statements to head-to-toe body armor, here are some easy, Sunday morning tips to help Giants tailgaters get their fan on in splendid, Big Blue glory.

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Amanda Gregory rocks a fabulous look (Credit, Corey Whelan)

War Paint – You may be bundled up for winter’s chill but unless you’re wearing a beard-beanie, face painting can be a fun tailgating activity as well as provide an easy (and colorful) way to show team pride. Keeping safety in mind, there are some dos and don’ts to be aware of before you take sponge or brush in hand, particularly if you are painting a child’s tender skin. Make sure to choose FDA-approved face paints, as these are less likely to cause allergic reactions and will also come off easily post game. This is true for liquid latex and glitter, too. Non-toxic craft paints may seem safe, but are not really meant for skin and can cause irritations lasting way past game day. Get creative and paint yourself freestyle, or nab an Official NFL stencil kit to help you zero in on the perfect shade of blue as well as razor-sharp logo designs to grace cheeks and chin.

Uncle Sam, G-Men style (Credit, Corey Whelan)

Tattoo You – Sure, you can go all out and get a permanent tattoo to proudly shout your love of Big Blue to the world, but temporary tattoos can still win you fan-of-the-year status, plus look cute on game day. Peel-and-stick temporary tattoos are inexpensive and pain-free, no matter who wins the game. Don’t forget to include nail tattoos if fingerless gloves will be your attire of choice.

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Even little fans know that layers are the way to go at MetLife Stadium (Credit, Corey Whelan)

Head-To-Toe-Blue – MetLife Stadium is pretty much out in the open and the winds can whip up something fierce. Break down and get yourself some cozy Giants outerwear or achieve undeniable mega-fan status by wearing tons of layers under your tried-and-true Giants jersey. Remember that blue jeans are, well, blue, and perfectly acceptable as game-day tailgating apparel. You can also look fabulous by scooping up some printed, flannel G-Men pajamas or sweatpants. Cozy Giants socks, hats and boots complete the tailgating picture. Don’t forget the littlest fans, either.  Giants onesies, creepers and bibs get G-Men’s tiniest tailgaters looking adorable and ready for their close-up on game day.

Fan to the Bone – Remember what your mother said about wearing clean underwear? Giants officially-licensed intimate wear features skivvies for men and women that start you out in tailgate mode from the moment you wake up. Performance bras and other assorted undies let you flash your fan status to the world, that special someone or only to yourself.

Go for it Big Blue! Check out Tailgate Fan to keep the party going at tailgatefan.cbslocal.com.

Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.

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