SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A man who climbed the Jet Star Roller Coaster in Seaside Heights and unfurled an American flag has been apprehended by police.

The man, reportedly from Lavallette, climbed the badly damaged coaster that’s been in the ocean since superstorm Sandy hit.

Police said the man walked from the top of the roller coaster and hopped into a waiting police boat. He was then handcuffed and walked through the surf to a police car on the beach, according to police.

The remnants of the Jet Star coaster have become an iconic symbol of Sandy’s damage in the months since the storm struck.

The roller coaster will be pulled from the ocean, but it remains to be determined when that will happen.

The company that owns the roller coaster will turn the metal into scrap, but plans to build another one.

It won’t be open by this summer, but half of the other rides will. The borough also plans to have a brand new boardwalk by then.

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