NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –– If the cold and dark winter days have you dreaming of setting sail, your dreams may soon come true.

For 2013, the travel industry has unique ways to help you plan the new great escape.

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It may look like the stuff of the future, but you may have already seen high-tech help at airports across the country.

“One thing I’m seeing in a lot of airports is these hologram attendants where you can go up and ask about your gate or where the restroom is,” said Kathryn O’Shea-Evans, an Associate Editor at Travel + Leisure.

And that’s not the only big change in the travel industry.

This new year, experts said to expect the unexpected.

Martha Riordan is a frequent flier and avid cruiser, but never in her wildest dreams did she expect to enjoy her most recent trip on an RV.

“It was sort of an adventure,” Riordan said. “We’d never done it, we thought it might be fun.”

Fun because it’s not your father’s RV anymore. Experts said these days, an RV can be a luxury experience.

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“Super-designy, super-mod, comes with HDTV’s and Wi-Fi and is gorgeous inside and out,” O’Shea-Evans said.

Also this year, get ready for cruising with lines that want to cater to your every whim with their latest trend–theme cruises.

“Yoga-themed cruises, jazz-themed cruises, golf. So golfers can get on board and then go to different islands and enjoy teeing off in different locations,”  O’Shea-Evans said.

And you’re going to see a lot more so-called pop-up hotels, which serve as temporary accommodations.

“I think hotel brands have been seeing certain locations are only good certain times of the year so they’re putting dollars behind these month-long hotel operations where they just pop up and you go and enjoy it and then they take it all down and its, its gone,” O’Shea-Evan said.

Recycled hotel accomodations aren’t the only green trend in the travel industry this year. Airports, even airlines, are starting to use special eco-friendly materials including fuel and lighting.

Traditional luxury tour operators are also rolling out more affordable and casual lines of trips, to lure new clientele.

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