NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The deadline has already come and gone on inking a deal for teacher evaluations that could have gotten New York City $450 million in aid and grants.

Now Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said he is skeptical that there is any deal to be reached about evaluations for the city’s 75,000 teachers.

The mayor said the union – the United Federation of Teachers – objects to any evaluation that can move teachers who can’t do the job out of the classroom.

“We are not going to sign an evaluation deal that is a fraud and a hoax on the public. The public has a right to expect us to put the best teachers, the teachers that can do the job, in front of their kids,” Bloomberg said on Tuesday.

The mayor said he will not make a deal that protects adults at the expense of kids.

“They’re going to try to protect all of their members at all costs,” Bloomberg said.


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