NEW YORK (WLNY) — No make-up, no hair styling, no new clothes — for a whole year.

For most women, that would be an unthinkable thing to do.

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But Phoebe Baker Hyde not only did it — she also documented her experience in her book The Beauty Experiment. She joined us on The Couch (sans make-up, of course) to talk about her personal journey.

“I was in a perfect storm of self doubt. A lot of things were going on in my life. I needed to find another way to find self confidence, because it wasn’t working.”

“I was an under-eye concealer addict, and going out without it, I felt very exposed,” she said. “But after a time you realize, it might be a couple of weeks, that the raw materials are fine, and you can actually still make friends, and get served coffee without [make-up].”

“I think it is liberating to feel beautiful just in your own skin,” she said.


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