NEW YORK (WLNY) — The Apollo Theater better brace itself for a barrage of no-holds-barred one liners.

Lisa Lampanelli, comedy’s lovable Queen of Mean, is performing at the legendary venue on Wednesday. She visited The Couch to fill us in on everything from her career, to her dramatic weight loss — and her thoughts on Lance Armstrong.

“I had this thing where I wanted to play every big theater in New York, I wanted to play Carnegie Hall, which I did, Radio City, The Beacon – what’s left? The Apollo.”

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“I’m going back to my roots, my black roots,” she joked.

“At the Apollo, you’re your own audience,” Lampanelli said. “It’s not like everybody’s gonna come in and say, ‘who’s this girl saying these insulting things to us?’ It’s my fans.”

After struggling with her weight since the age of 18, the comic, along with her husband, decided to get gastric sleeve surgery.

Since the procedure last April, she’s lost 102 pounds.

But that was the easy part. The tough part is the maintenance that comes along with dramatic weight loss.

“Now the job is keeping it off,” she said. “Cause you can certainly screw it up. You have to still eat really small meals. The big thing is exercise and not letting your emotions get out of control, cause so many times we eat out of emotion.”

Comedy and funny people are so associated with being a bit heavier.

“I think comics are great if the audience sees your flaws inside and out,” she said. “I clearly have lots of flaws left. I’m 51-years-old, I’m going through menopause, I’m an emotional wreck. We all somethng wrong with us, us comics, and I’ve got enough that I can still make fun of, without the weight.”