1.31.13 Health on the GoNEW YORK (WLNY) — New Yorkers know it’s a challenge to stay healthy while on-the-go.

But your smartphone can help you make better choices.

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Dr. Yael Varnado joined us on The Couch to show us the top doctor approved mobile health and medical apps.

Epocrates Rx – Worried about mixing medications? This drug reference provides photos of pills and describes how they interact. Available for: iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Android, Windows Mobile (Free).

Sleep Cycles – The best app for snoozing. Using the iPhones accelerometer, the Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your movements as you sleep, gauging when you transition between light and deep sleep. The alarm clock will wake you when the phone determines youre in your lightest sleep cycle during a preset 30-minute wake-up window. (Cost: $0.99)

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Lose It! – Set a weight loss goal and time frame, then keep an eye on calories and exercise time. This app is free, unlike many other weight loss apps, and is available for iPhone and Android.

Drink Tracker – Like a breathalyzer for your purse, this app tracks your blood alcohol concentration. Yhe best advice remains don’t drink and drive – but enter your weight, the number of drinks you’ve had, and the time frame, and this app can help you estimate if you’ve reached the legal limit.

WebMD – The popular website in mobile form. Think of it as a pocket reference guide to numerous medical conditions, diseases, symptoms, and procedures. Available for: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android . (Free)

Fooducate – Simply scan the barcode on packaged food items as you shop, you can glean all the key nutritional details without having to decipher a single label. Fooducate gives every food item a letter grade for health, from A to D, based on an algorithm developed by nutritionists and dietitians, which takes into account the nutritional density of each food. (Free).

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US Government Apps – Suppose you’re a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and you want to learn relaxation techniques to deal with daily stress. Or you’re a nursing mother concerned about the effects of certain drugs on breast milk. Thanks to the U.S. Digital Government Strategy introduced in May by the Office of Management and Budget, you have access to more than 100 free mobile applications, many of which target health issues and specific medical conditions. (Free)