NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A shocking “nanny cam” video led to the arrest of a woman in the Grasmere section of Staten Island, for allegedly slapping around an infant.

As CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider reported, helpless Sabrina Mardakhaev was shown in the video being struck in the face three times.

The video, taken by the child’s parents, shows the 5-month-old girl in a seat on the floor in the Woodlawn Avenue home, being fed from a bottle. An older child is sitting nearby on the couch.

Below: Nanny Cam Video Posted By Family On YouTube – VIDEO MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME

With the baby appearing to be reluctant to take the bottle, the nanny — Mamura Nasirova, 52, a native of Uzbekistan — allegedly slapped Sabrina with an open hand to the face. She then allegedly shook the child’s face.

And after about a minute of feeding time, the woman is seen picking up the child with a jolt.

“This is terrible to see. I feel bad for the family that they have to go through this, you know?” said neighbor Anthony Frisone. “To have their nanny, someone they trusted and everything!”

Another neighbor across the street, who looked at the video, said she sometimes would see the nanny with the children.

“If they wouldn’t listen to her, she would drag them and bring them into the house. They’d be crying,” said the neighbor, Margaret Meekins. But as to whether she’d ever seen Nasirova slap the children, Meekins replied, “I never saw her do anything that bad.”

Another neighbor was horrified at the sight.

“To hit a 5-month-old? Are you out of your mind?” said Dana Prost. “They can’t even defend themselves. It’s upsetting to see that. It’s horrible!”

Like Meekins, Prost said she saw signs of trouble, but didn’t say anything to the family because she didn’t know them.

“She’s never very nice to the kid,” Prost said. “She’s always pulling and tugging on them, and very meanly.”

In the house, the parents had set up a surveillance camera inside a carbon-monoxide detector. The mother, at work, saw a remote feed of what took place and rushed home.

Nasirova was arrested after police were called Sunday evening. She allegedly tried to resist arrest, and was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

The baby suffered some redness and swelling as a result of the abuse, according to published reports.

One parenting coach favors cameras, but believes nannies should be told.

“If you suspect a nanny is abusing your child, I wouldn’t do the ‘watch and wait,’” said psychotherapist and parenting coach Tamara Gold. “I would never want to subject a child to harm in any way.”

All this should tell nannies and babysitters that just because you can’t see a camera doesn’t mean you’re not being watched.

The parenting coach said in hiring a nanny, there should be reference checks, background checks and multiple interviews, followed by trials with the nanny.

Nasirova was being held at Rikers Island on $1,000 bail as of Wednesday night.

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