NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — A new trend in intimacy has local couples holding back in the bedroom. They say that this ‘amazing’ new spin on sex has made their lives better than ever.

“We have the most amazing love that is being cultivated in our home,” John Russell told CBS 2’s Katie McGee.

Russell has been married for twenty-one years, but says that his sex life is more exciting than ever before. He and his wife have nourished their sexual relationship in a way that most people would not expect.

“Most men are goal oriented and conditioned by the society that we live in that, that’s the main focus,” explained Russell, who practices Karezza.

Karezza, a form of love in which climax no longer plays a role, is growing in popularity among many couples. The trend is helping couples inject more spark into their sex lives, and has even helped repair broken marriages, according to relationship experts.

“Sex without orgasm is a wonderful way to reposition sex to be about expression of love, affection, a way to bond in a soulful was with a partner taking out all the pressure that turns it into a goal, an accomplishment,” explained Dr Jane Greer.

The power of Karezza was discovered by Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham in 1896. The term is a variation of an Italian word, which means caress. As the name implies Karezza involves plenty of touching, but no climax.

The practice creates emotional intimacy that is deeper than the type experienced during conventional sex, according to Marnia Robinson.

“We’ve been kind of brain washed to think that the point of sex is orgasm, and we’ve forgotten everything we need to know about what actually bonds couples, and it turns out daily affection and generous touch are two of the things that really bond people, ” Robinson said.

Some experts told CBS 2 that while they don’t typically recommend Karezza, it can serve a purpose.

“I think as an option as part of your overall sexual repertoire, it can fit in really nicely,”explained Dr. Jane Greer.

Practitioners of Karezza told CBS 2 that their lovemaking never really ends, and the sexual energy continues to flow, even when they are apart.

“I sometimes have described the feeling as standing under a waterfall,” said Robinson.

The change may take some getting used to but, Karezza practitioners say the shift can reignite your love life.

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