If Anything, According To One Expert, No-Invite Will Make Him Unbeatable In N.J.

TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Was Chris Christie snubbed?

He made the “do not invite list” for the Conservative Political Action Conference, a major event for GOP big wigs. But as CBS 2 political reporter Marcia Kramer reported Tuesday that may not be a bad thing for New Jersey’s governor.

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Call it the revenge of the conservatives. They want Gov. Christie to pay for his photo op with first lady Michelle Obama at the White House on Sunday night and for praising President Barack Obama’s quick Hurricane Sandy response just before the election.

“I cannot thank the president enough,” Christie said back on Oct. 31, during the aftermath of Sandy.

The conservatives even want their pound of flesh from Christie for his calling this National Rifle Association ad after the Newtown school shooting “reprehensible.”

The price for what conservatives see as his too-cozy relationship with Democrats is that Christie is not being invited to next month’s CPAC gathering. It’s not only regarded as a beauty contest for those who want to run for president in 2016, but even past contenders like Mitt Romney will be there.

“Snubbing him helps him,” said Baruch College pundit Doug Muzzio.

Muzzio said that the conservative dis will actually help Christie in his bid for re-election this year because New Jersey is a Democratic state, and he said Christie probably won’t have to eat too much humble pie with conservatives if he runs for president.

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“He’s got to go to them eventually and say, ‘Listen, you gotta take me as I am.’ He’ll tack a little bit to them, but I don’t think Chris Christie goes all the way, so he’s going to say you gotta swallow me whole and I’m a big guy,” Muzzio said.

The big guy’s shtick plays well in the Garden State.

“I think people like that he is almost bipartisan. He appeals to Democrats and Republicans, maybe not the ultra-conservative Republicans, [but] I don’t know how many people in this state are super ultra-conservatives,” said Teaneck resident Erin Westervelt.

“I think Gov. Christie’s his own man and that’s exactly what we need here in the state of New Jersey,” added Eric Orgen of Teaneck. “He does what’s best for the residents.”

CBS 2’s Kramer asked Christie’s campaign manager if he wanted to comment on the snub, and she got a one-word answer: “Nope.”

For the record, Christie was one of the group’s featured speakers last year, and he gave the keynote speech at the Republican Convention last August.

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