Metro-North, LIRR Increases Began Friday; Commuters Express Frustration

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The first round of Metropolitan Transportation Authority fare and toll hikes went into effect Friday morning.

Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad fares have gone up between eight and nine percent, depending on distance and ticket type.

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Fed up and frustrated commuters said they felt powerless against the hit.

“Soon, instead of money, we’ll probably be giving out some of our blood and water,” one commuter told CBS 2’s Amy Dardashtian.

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“Nine percent for the railroad is ridiculous,” said Chris Hermanek of Farmingdale.

“It’s just too much,” said Shaniqua Webb of Brooklyn. “It’s too much money, we don’t have money like that.”

  • Starting Sunday morning, subway and bus tickets will cost at least a quarter more — $2.50 with a MetroCard and $2.75 for a single ride. Express buses are going up to $6.
  • The 7-day MetroCard will be $1 more, bumping the price to $30. The price of a monthly card spiked $8 to $112.
  • A 7-day express bus plus MetroCard will now run you $55 instead of $50.
  • You will be charged $1 for each new MetroCard you purchase. Turn in your expired card to avoid this fee.


Number of Rides Refill/Buy Card Cost Cost per ride
Fewer than 13 Pay-Per-Ride ($5.25 value with 5% bonus) $5 $2.38
13 trips per week
20 trips per week
25 trips per week
7-Day Unlimited $30 $2.31
48 trips per month
50 trips per month
60 trips per month
30-Day Unlimited $112 $2.33
Express Bus Rider
5 days per week (10 rides)
7-Day Express Bus Plus $55 $5.50
Occasional Express Bus Rider Pay-Per-Ride
($10.50 value with 5% Bonus)
$10.00 $5.71

“I don’t mind the cost if the service was better, there’s a lot of shortened trains, there’s a lot of delays,” another commuter said.

Fare increases on MTA bridges and tunnels also go into effect at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.

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The MTA has said fare and toll are needed because of rising costs for employee healthcare, pensions and other benefits. But some have said the MTA has too many high salaried employees.

The transparency website reports that in 2010, 8,000 MTA workers made over six figures, including a conductor who made $239,000.

The MTA claimed there are no more wage increases in its budget and said it cut $700 million in costs.

But one Occupy Wall Street group is protesting, telling unlimited MetroCard holders to give away swipes and deprive the MTA of money.

In response, the MTA issued a statement saying, “If anyone thinks the best way to balance the MTA’s budget is to reduce the amount of money we collect from customers, then their math is as bad as their logic.”

The MTA is hoping to raise $450 million in new revenue each year.

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