Police: Geoffrey Weglarz Angry With How Sandwich Was Made

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Someone wasn’t happy with their meal.

A Fairfield, Conn. man was arrested after police said he became enraged and threw his food at a pregnant McDonald’s worker.

Police received a 911 call at around 9:47 p.m. regarding an angry customer at the drive-thru window.

Geoffrey Weglarz, 56, ordered food from the drive-thru at McDonald’s at 1835 Black Rock Turnpike Tuesday evening.

After driving off with his food, Weglarz returned moments later and banged on the front door of the restaurant — which was locked — police said.

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After Weglarz  was told he could not enter the restaurant, he returned to the drive-thru window.

“He went back to the drive-thru and was yelling and swearing at the manager who clearly told this individual not to yell and swear at her because she was pregnant,” Police Sgt. Suzanna Lussier told 1010 WINS. “And at that time he took the bag of food and threw it directly at her hitting her in the chest.”

Weglarz continued to yell and bang at the window until the manager told employees to call the police.

That is when Weglarz drove off in his BMW, police said.

“A tragic event was averted by the officers getting there quickly,” Lussier said.

Employees wrote down Weglarz’s license plate number and police went to his Fairfield home and arrested him.

Police found a loaded Glock pistol in Weglarz’s waistband, but he was able to produce a valid Connecticut pistol permit, police said.

Police officers later returned to Weglarz’s home and seized additional ammunition and weapons.

“They located a Glock pistol–40 caliber — in his waistband. He was holding it on his person even when officers arrived, so we can likely assume that he had it on him while he was in the drive-thru and arguing and swearing with these employees at  McDonald’s as well,” Lussier said.

Police also seized his pistol permit which will be sent to the Conn. Firearms Review Board.

Weglarz was charged with breach of peace and released. He is due in court April 9.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Weglarz is a video producer/web developer at Sacred Heart University.

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