ALPINE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Lists of creative ideas for reusing Pringles cans are all over the Internet – from arts and crafts projects to solar hot dog cookers – but one thoroughly illegal reuse got a man into serious trouble in New Jersey this past weekend.

Rasheed Jerimine, 38, of Rockland County, was arrested Saturday in Alpine, N.J., after he was caught hiding $2,500 worth of cocaine in a Pringles can, according to a published report.

Jerimine was pulled over while driving a 2000 BMW down the southbound Palisade Interstate Parkway near exit 4, according to an report. The car had tinted windows and unclear plates, the newspaper reported.

After searching the car, Palisades Interstate Parkway police found the Pringles can, which had a false bottom and contained 48 grams of cocaine in two sandwich bags, the newspaper reported. A yellow bag with more than 100 aluminum foil wrappers and a pair of digital scales were also found, the newspaper reported.

Jerimine was charged with drug possession and distribution, the newspaper reported.

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