NEW YORK (WLNY) — As security is ramped up in major cities across the country, the search for answers in the Boston Marathon bombings is on.

What are investigators looking for? How can authorities guard against an attack like this?

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Security expert Sal Lifreiri was the Director of Security and Intelligence Operations under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He also served as a member of the elite NYPD hostage negotiation team for twelve years. He joined us on The Couch on Tuesday.

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“Right now you have an abundance of forensics information that is available to investigators — you have all of the video, you have the still images, you have the cameras at the finish line,” Lifreiri said. “More importantly, what you have is all of the remnants of the devices themselves. The general belief is that when a bomb goes off it decimates all off the evidence, but the reality is a lot of the evidence is still kept.”

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Going forward, the event is being investigated as an act of terror — authorities will determine if it is domestic terrorism or international terrorism.

“They’ll go through a painstaking process of getting all of that together and virtually recreating that device,” Lifreiri said. “The exigent circumstances are over and done…The urgency of this is now over. At this point in time, it becomes a very slow and methodical process.”

When will we know more?

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“We really need to be patient. Everybody wants to rush to a quick judgment on this and to understand what happened,” Lifrieri said. “The reality is, we need to take a breath and take it easy for a bit.”