City Has Only Offered A 'Band-Aid' Response, Neighbors Say

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Some homes in Park Slope, Brooklyn, have been left in a state of disgusting disarray, after gallons of sewer water seeped in.

The sewer water has been flooding basements, seeping through the floors, and overflowing century-old drains. It even has come out of the sink, CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reported Monday night.

“It’s pretty frustrating,” homeowner Ashok Childs said. “Like, I was pretty late for work, and you know, ankle deep in water.”

It all started with the heavy rain Friday and Saturday, up and down the entire block of Garfield Place near Eighth Avenue. The sewage flooding continued off and on all weekend, and the curbs were left littered with wet carpets, damaged sheet rock, and bags of debris.

“Nasty stuff,” said homeowner Arnie Rothstein, “and the nastiest is underneath.”

Rothstein showed CBS 2 his hardwood floors, soggy from about a foot of contaminated waste water.

“Just water everywhere — filthy water — and the response is ridiculous,” Rothstein said.

Homeowners said they have received a Band-Aid response.

City crews came out Friday and found no sewer problem. But after consistent complaints, came back Sunday night, checked again, and found a blockage. They solved the problem – until next time.

“I would say thank God it wasn’t checking my heart,” Rothstein said. “If they didn’t find the blockage the first time, there may not be a second time.”

The frustration dominated a meeting of the neighborhood association Monday. Everyone was comparing notes, and wondering if legal action will be required against the city to keep basements dry.

“Nobody wants to get flooding in their basement every time there’s a rainstorm,” said homeowner Cindi Stern. “It’s not that much to ask, right?”

But the concern is that it may a lot to ask, for a city with turn-of-the-century sewer lines too old for modern times.

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