NEW YORK (WLNY) — As many men know, trying to figure out what women want is no easy task.

One journalist turned to science and scores of women to figure out what makes women tick — and he came up with a groundbreaking theory, which is now a book.

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The findings highlighted by Daniel Bergner in “What Do Women Want?” – an expanded version of his 2009 New York Times Magazine cover story – bear a close resemblance to classic male fantasies about female insatiability, sexual fluidity, and desire.


If Bergner and the scientists he interviews are correct, the ever-ready-to-be-ravished women of porn films are truer to life than the typical romantic heroine, saving herself for the right man and remaining true to him for eternity.

“We’ve always been taught that men are programmed by evolution to spread their seed, to be promiscuous, and women, at least relatively speaking, to seek out one good man, to be monogamous,” he said. “Science is telling us something very different, and ultimately very empowering, about women’s desire.”

Women, as Bergener explains, are not naturally monogamous. Over time, women are going to get tired of men, faster than men get tired of women.

“In some ways, men have a lot to worry about,” he said.

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