Social Media May Be Stoking The Flames Of An Unhealthy Obsession

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A disturbing new trend has left teens and women dangerously infatuated with thin legs and thigh gaps, and some of them are going to risky extremes in their quest for the “inner gap.”

The inner gap is a thigh gap, a visible space between a woman’s legs, but the fixation could be adding to the insecurities of many girls and women, and social media may not be helping the situation.

“It’s sending the message, the body is objectified,” body consultant Tammy Sifre recently told CBS 2’s Alice Gainer. “The body is something that needs to be changed, that needs to be fixed and it’s not good enough the way it is.”

Experts told CBS 2 that the obsession appears to be limited to women.

“They’re self-conscious about their thighs touching. It’s always something that women are more concerned about than men,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Kelly. “Men could care less.”

Women who have difficulty achieving the look through diet and exercise may prematurely turn to cosmetic surgery.

“Some of the time, when they start so early they become addicted to it,” Dr. Carlos Wolf explained.

Teens and young women who show signs of an unhealthy fixation should seek counseling and they should focus on having a positive relationship with their bodies, experts said.

“I think what’s important is what kind of relationship a person has with their body,” Sifre said. “If they have a good relationship and get plastic surgery I can’t say, but sometimes it’s an indication of not having a good relationship with one’s body.”

Other experts added that bone structure could play a role on the appearance of your inner thighs in spite of how thin you are.

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