Researchers Find Standing Squarely At Bar Works Best

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Scientists at a university in Germany have researched which behaviors work best at getting a bartender’s attention at a crowded bar.

Researchers found that standing squarely at the bar beats sliding in between other patrons. Also, you won’t be served as quickly if you’re looking at the menu.

Gesturing with a hand isn’t as successful as some might think, however, researchers found if that hand has money in it, that will help speed things up.

Vicky, the manager of the often-crowded Tir Na Nog near Penn Station, agreed with the findings.

“Patience, eye contact, don’t click your fingers – when the bartender is looking for you they’ll find you, when they’re ready to go for another order they’ll find you,” Vicky said, adding that being loud, boisterous and obnoxious usually backfires.

“You make them grumpy,” she said. “Totally make them grumpy when you do stuff like that.”

If a male bartender is serving up the drinks and the customer is a cute girl,  she’ll get faster service, Vicky said.

“Big smile, white teeth will get you everywhere,” she said.

Researchers at Bielefeld University were gathering the data in an effort to develop a robotic bartender.

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