Shorts Or Scarves? Experts Help Claer Up Confusion?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The calendar says October, but it felt more like August outside Tuesday.

As CBS 2’s Emily Smith reported, many were enjoying the summerlike conditions. But what can you wear during such a tricky transition to fall?

A lot of people did not seem sure about the answer to that question for themselves Tuesday. Walking around Manhattan, CBS 2 spotted people in scarves and sweaters right next to others wearing tank tops and flip-flops.

One person was walking around in shorts, but was not sure about it.

“The weather looked good yesterday. I tried it,” said Ligia Toffoli. “It was cold.”

And like many others, Toffoli has packed her summer clothes away for the year. So it is just easier to wear what is now hanging in the closet.

Ranking the problem on a scale of one to 10, one man on the street said: “Given the fact I work in retail, I give it a 10. It’s annoying. I don’t like to sweat.”

So what do New Yorkers wear when fall mimics July? Fashion expert George Brescia met with CBS 2’s Smith at the Darling boutique, at 1 Horatio St. in the West Village.

He suggested sticking with your summer wardrobe for this week.

“It’s like California, really, right?” said Brescia, of “It’s beautiful, warm, cozy in the day, and at night, it gets a little chilly and we’re grabbing that sweater.”

And Brescia advised you shouldn’t be afraid to wear shorts with long sleeves, or blouses and skirts without tights or leggings.

Sarah Gardner of “Fashion Update” agreed.

“Right after Labor Day, you can extend on white — white skinny jeans going with black, beautiful, oversized black jackets.”

So, the experts advised, layer up and layer down accordingly. And don’t get too caught up in fall yet just because the calendar says so.

“I think people kind of get annoyed by it. Smile, people! Smile! It’s fun! It’s layering and delayering. It’s like gorgeous, beautiful weather. Enjoy! Take it as a gift!” Brescia said.

As for CBS 2’s Smith herself, she went with a winter wardrobe due to chilly morning temperatures. Brescia advised bringing tights and scarves for such conditions, even though they likely will not be necessary with the weather lately.

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