Club Owner Apologizes For 'Serious Error Of Judgment'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A pair of 19-year-old British girls won a prize worth £150 (approximately $240) after dressing up as the flaming twin towers for a club’s Halloween costume contest, according to a report.

Images of Amber Langford and Annie Collinge went viral online after they won the contest held by the nightclub Rosie’s in Chester, according to a report cited in UK’s Mirror.

The costumes, labeled “North Tower” and “South Tower” depict the moment of impact when jets slammed into the buildings. The costumes also included tiny mockups of people plummeting to their deaths and the American flag emerging from smoking clouds, worn as hats.

The two were chosen by the club’s DJ as winners of the contest and received shopping vouchers worth £150, according to the UK Telegraph.

Langford’s father is pilot and said he wasn’t happy about the costume, the Telegraph reported.

A request for comment from the nightclub was not immediately returned. Their Facebook page and Twitter accounts were not active.

“There was a serious error of judgment on the evening by a contracted DJ to award such a prize and we apologize to anybody who may have been upset or offended by this,” Stonegate Pub Company, which owns the club, said, according to the Telegraph.

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