NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The snow is largely gone but the bone-chilling temperatures are lingering.

Temperatures won’t crack 30 degrees until Saturday and may not go above freezing for the foreseeable future, CBS 2’s John Elliott forecast.

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1010 WINS’ John Montone asked New Yorkers to describe the conditions Thursday morning.

“Incredibly frigid,” one man said.

“It’s just brutal,” another added.

“Freezing cold,” a man said.

The cold weather is sending a lot of cars to repair shops.

As WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reported, cars, like people, don’t function as well in cold weather.

The owner of Cybert Tire & Car Care on Manhattan’s west side said he’s seeing a lot of blown tires and dead batteries.

“Every time the temperature drops another degree, a whole other layer of batteries that have just been hanging on are going to die out,” John Everett told Diamond.

Batteries need replacing about every four years, Everett said.

He added a big mistake people make is leaving their car buried in ice and snow.

“Don’t wait for the alternate side of the street to expire. Get your car out as soon as possible,” said Everett.

The cold temperatures also impact tire pressure, which is essential for proper handling.

“Another very important thing to check in at this point in time is your wipers,” said Everett.

He added that’s an inexpensive but frequently neglected upgrade.

As WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane reported from Scarsdale, low temperatures are all in a day’s work for some.

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Milk and ice cream deliveryman Chris Hemp said it’s warmer in the back of his truck than it is outside.

The freezer unit, set around 0 degrees, hasn’t had to run as he made his rounds in Westchester County, Murnane reported.

“We’re from upstate so we’re used to it a little more. It doesn’t phase me too much,” Hemp said. “Yeah you get used to it though, I’ve been doing this a long time so to me it’s not too bad.”

As for the ice cream market in weather like this, Hemp said business slows a bit.

Carlos, a linens delivery driver, was bundled up in two fleeces under his sweatshirt Thursday morning.

“You can’t put too much layers because then you start sweating…if you start sweating too much, then that freezes with the weather right now,” he told Murnane.

Grateful customers have offered coffee and sincere thanks, said Carlos.

As WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau reported, Bridgeport Hospital emergency room physician Dr. Michael Werdmann has seen his share of frostbite, hypothermia and other cold weather injuries.

Severe frostbite can cause a loss of fingers, toes and even ears, Schneidau reported. Werdmann said frostbite is the most common cold weather problem.

“If your fingers are white and blanched and really cold, even though it hurts, putting them in warm water to warm them up rapidly is actually the best thing to do,” said Werdmann.

He said there are some tell-tale signs of hypothermia to look out for.

“The first things would be some mental slowness or confusion and then, in fact, that’s the problem. If you get mental slowness and confusion, you may not even appreciate the fact that you’re getting cold,” said Werdmann.

As winter goes on, Dr. Werdmann also issued a warning about snowblowers.

If snow clogs the blades, do not use your hands to clear it, he said.

Often, Dr. Werdmann said, there’s energy left in the blade and once the snow is removed the blade can move, potentially causing serious and life-changing injuries.

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