NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A New York City cabbie got taken for a ride after a long fare.

As CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported, cab driver Adnan Chaudhry agreed to take a passenger from JFK Airport all the way to Boston.

But once they got up north, things went south for Chaudhry.

“From 4:30 in the afternoon to 2:30 in the morning I get home with nothing,” the cabbie told Aiello.

Police said on Wednesday, Denise Rebelato got in the cab and told Chaudhry she’d just arrived from Brazil and needed a ride to Framingham, a suburb of Boston.

Chaudhry said he told Rebelato it would cost $980 for the 400-mile round trip.

“She was like ‘all right, money’s not an obstacle, not a problem, just keep driving I have to get there,'” he told Aiello.

When the cab got to Framingham, Rebelato told the cab driver she didn’t have the cash or a credit card.

“I’m like are you kidding me. And she goes ‘no I’m not kidding you. To be honest with you, this is what it is, I don’t have any money,'” Chaudhry recounted.

He called Framingham police and Rebelato was arrested.

The judge who arraigned her pointed out she could have taken a bus for $40 or even a plane for $250, far less than the cab fare.

According to the Taxi and Limousine Commission, as soon as that taxi left New York City limits, the driver had the right to stop the car and demand payment from the passenger.

Chaudhry didn’t do that and said he’s learned from his mistake.

“The next day, I swear to God, I didn’t want to go to work but I have bills piled up. But it was the worst job ever,” he told Aiello.

The judge gave Rebelato three months to pay up or do community service, so there’s still a chance Chaudhry might get his money.

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