NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The MTA is expected to approve a plan to allow the purchase of train tickets using smartphones and other devices.

The app will be available to riders on both Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road and if approved, could launch in about six months.

“It’s really going to revolutionize the way we do business,” said LIRR spokesman Joe Calderone.

The app would be free for riders and the cost for the MTA a fraction of a penny per transaction, money the agency hopes to recoup with increased ticket sales and less machine maintenance.

The app developer, Masabi, said a quarter of Boston’s train commuters are already on board with the new technology.

“There’s really nothing worse than running to the train station hoping you make it and then fumbling for your cash,” one of the app’s developers said. “The conductor would be able to scan this.”

“That’s so much easier than having to come earlier for your train to buy a ticket,” LIRR rider Samantha Cocit said.

“I will definitely use the app to buy tickets,” commuter Joel Horowitz added.

Ticket windows will remain for those who prefer to buy their tickets from a person.

The proposal has already been approved by the necessary MTA committees.

NJ TRANSIT launched the similar MyTix app last year and already, 200,000 people have downloaded it. The app is responsible for about 625,000 ticket sales already in 2014.

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