NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In recent years, people looking to eat healthier have turned to yogurt and New York is leading the revolution.

Now, there are all types of styles and flavors to choose from. But some are saying the specialization of yogurt has turned out products that are chock full of sugar.

CBS 2’s Marlie Hall found a company in Brooklyn that’s making a big change to combat against highly sweetened yogurt.

Angela Fout uses her mother’s Lebanese recipe at the Yogurt company she runs with her husband John. Sohha Savory Yogurt only contains milk, cultures, and sea salt.

“We wanted to produce food that had no added sugar, no preservatives and no chemicals to it,” said John.

The Fouts may be part of a backlash against sugary yogurt that has multiplied as the industry has taken off.

New York is at the epicenter of the yogurt boom, with producers cranking out 740 million pounds just last year, Hall reported. Nutritionists approve of the trend, but say it’s best to read the fine print.

“Looking at the label, making sure the ingredient list is short, avoiding ones that have additional sugar in it,” said Alissa Rumsey, a registered dietician with New York Presbyterian Hospital. “You may see evaporated cane juice or fruit juice concentrate on the label. Those are all words for sugar.”

Sometimes well over 20 grams of sugar can be found in just one serving — more than a Twinkie or a can of Coke.

Now, the Fouts are riding a wave of change along with a handful of startups.

Industry leader Chobani is now serving savory.

“I think we’re actually going to move into the next phase. Moving away from yogurts that are very high in sugar, toward yogurts that are plain or add vegetables,” said Fout.

While the industry makes room for its newcomers, New York is happy to lead the way. Lawmakers recently voted yogurt as the state’s official snack food.

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