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The U.S. Open is underway, with secondary market ticket prices the highest they’ve been in at least four years. While the defending men’s champion, Rafael Nadal, withdrew due to injury before the tournament started, there are still enough stars on both the men’s and women’s side to keep demand high. According to TiqIQ, this year’s U.S. Open tickets currently have an average price of $345.16. The closest the tournament at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center came to that average was last year when U.S. Open tickets had an average price of $309.50 on the secondary market. 2012 was the only year with a tournament average below $300 since TiqIQ has kept track of data. While demand continues to grow for U.S. Open tickets, the tournament gets more expensive as the week goes on. Below is a look at 2014 U.S.

Average price by day:

  • 8/27 – $142.14
  • 8/28 – $166.10
  • 8/29 – $232.86
  • 8/30 – $269.50
  • 8/31 – $322.72
  • 9/1 – $303.95
  • 9/2 – $308.74 – Women’s Quarterfinals
  • 9/3 – $386.52 – Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals
  • 9/4 – $438.47 – Men’s Quarterfinals
  • 9/5 – $289.95 – Women’s Semifinals/Mixed Doubles Final
  • 9/6 – $717.45 – Men’s Semifinals/Women’s Doubles Final
  • 9/7 – $429.37 – Women’s Final/Men’s Doubles Final
  • 9/8 – $640.02 – Men’s Final
  • Avg. Price for Day Sessions: $306.50
  • Avg. Price for Night sessions: $285.54

Tennis fans can save some money by going to a match at night as opposed to the day. The average price of day matches is at $306.50, while the night matches are currently averaging $285.54. That’s a big divide considering the matches are split almost 50-50 between day and night across the tournament.

Week One Average Price – $213.97
Week One Get-in/Most Expensive – $15/$364.10
Week Two Average Price – $374.91
Week Two Get-in/Most Expensive – $29/$890.43

As expected, the first week is significantly cheaper than the second week of the tournament. Currently all sessions for the first week are averaging $213.97, while the second week is over $100 more at $374.91. Part of that is due to the prices escalating from day-to-day, but a lot of it has to do with the prices of the last few sessions. In contrast, the most expensive single session in the first week is $364.10, which is cheaper than the average for all sessions in the second week.

Cheapest ticket: $25
Most expensive ticket: $890.43

The most expensive ticket average of the tournament is for session 24 on September 7 with an average price of $890.43 for that single session, which includes the Men’s Semifinal and Women’s Doubles Final. However, that would be the cheapest session at the previous tennis major, Wimbledon. Wimbledon tickets regularly have an average secondary market price above $1,000, even this year when demand was down due to the World Cup.

US Open Womens Finals Tickets – $392.53
US Open Mens Finals Tickets – $762.21

The Men’s Final at Arthur Ashe Stadium is the next most expensive session with a $762.21 average, while the Women’s Final is currently averaging $392.53. Both of these sessions are the most likely to increase on the secondary market as the tournament plays out, depending on the participants.

2012 Average: $286.25
2013 Average: $309.50
2014 Average: $345.16

The prices for tickets this year are easily the highest they’ve been. Last year is the closest the average price has been since TiqIQ kept data of the secondary market prices, and the average for the tournament was $309.50. There have even been some U.S. Opens in the last few years that didn’t average $300 on the secondary market.


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