NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Westchester man has found 10 seconds to stardom in the age of the internet. You name the song style and he can sing it.

Anthony Vincent’s videos have gone viral and he just marked an incredible milestone on YouTube.

CBS2’s Tony Aiello went to Port Chester to meet than man behind “Ten Second Songs,” which now has a million subscribers.

From Frank Sinatra to The Doors, Bob Marley to the Beach Boys, Vincent’s mashups of pop hits sung in various styles have been viewed almost 40 million times.

“People of all ages can enjoy because you have names like Frank Sinatra and then names like N’SYNC,” he said.

Complete with split-screen harmonizing, Vincent credits his musical, multiple personalities to growing up with parents who appreciated many different genres.

“We were just taught at a young age to love so much different stuff,” he said. “Big Band and all that was just in our life since we were kids.”

His first “Song In 20 Styles,” was posted in March—a cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.”

It was an attempt to show his vocal versatility for a jingle-writing business. Vincent says he hoped to go viral but never imaged what would come next.

“One million subscribers in less than eight months’ time, it’s crazy, I know. It’s just nuts!” he said.

You can only imagine that creating one of these songs is quite a process—planning, arranging, recording and choreographing the split-screen video. It takes about three weeks.

For Halloween, Vincent covered “Thriller,” and in one week it has 1.8 million views.

Vincent’s YouTube channel is ranked No. 885 out of more than a million others.

He said he is making some money, but also hopes the videos help promote his rock band, Set the Charge.

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