NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Jennifer Lopez has been dazzling the world for years – having defined sex appeal from her 20s now to her mid-40s.

As CBS2’s Weijia Jiang reported, some have said Lopez is showing too much skin for a woman of 45, but she said she is standing up for showing her sexy side while being a mom.

Who could forget the iconic green dress J-Lo wore to the Grammys back in 2000? More than 14 years later, she took the plunge again at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

And in next month’s cover of Complex Magazine, Lopez, a Bronx native, opened up about being a 45-year-old mother who still flaunts it.

“I’m not allowed to be sexy because I’m a mom?” Lopez said. “It’s like, how do you think I got my children?”

Lopez’s stance won praise from the ladies of CBS’ “The Talk.” Sharon Osbourne enthusiastically said, “You know, good for her.”

And Mickey Jacobs, 81, said maintaining sex appeal has led to 54 years of marriage and counting.

“It’s important. You want to look your best. You want to do your best,” said Jacobs, of Scarsdale. “Otherwise, you kind of give up.”

But other women who spoke to CBS2 had a very different reaction to Lopez’s attitude and apparel.

“That’s disgusting!” said Maura Maloney of Scarsdale.

Maloney, a mother of four, said Lopez’s racy style reveals too much.

“She’s about my age,” Maloney said. “She’s not a very good role model to either her children or her children’s friends, and I think her kids must be mortified by that.”

But marriage and family therapist Dr. Jane Greer said her kids should not be mortified at all.

“That really is the goal of every woman, to be able to integrate their sensuality with being a parent, and being a mom, and not losing their self and sexual expression,” Greer said.

Greer said Lopez has stayed true to who she is, and that makes every woman sexy at any age.


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