NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Joanne Biasi was murdered on Halloween night in 1984. Her killer is up for parole and her parents fear he may strike again if he gets out.

Biasi had just turned 24 and was studying to be a nurse when she was murdered in her Upper East Side apartment 30-years-ago.

Her killer, Michael Cassidy now in his 50s, was sentenced to 25 years to life.

Biasi’s parents say Cassidy killed their daughter when she broke-off their engagement after learning that we was stealing money from her.

“He choked her, stabbed her, bashed her head in,” Nicholas Biasi told CBS2’s Cindy Hsu, “The judge said in over 30 years this was one of the most heinous crimes he had ever witnessed.”

Cassidy became eligible for parole in 2009, so every 2 years the Biasis fight to keep him in prison. They recently learned a judge overruled the latest parole denial, which means gathering a mountain of paperwork and opening old wounds.

“Things come up and remind you, and there are nights you can’t sleep, and things keep going around in your mind,” Helen Biasi said.

“I just hope and pray they don’t let this guy out,” Nicholas said, “I really believe that he will hurt somebody, because it’s in him. It’s in his nature.”

The Biasis said they have never heard from their daughter’s killer, but his attorney said that Cassidy does feel remorse.

“Profound remorse for his conduct. He is not the same person that he was 30-years-ago,” Attorney Alan Lewis said.

The Biasis said he should stay in prison until he is in his 70s or 80s for killing their little girl.

“Written on her tombstone it says ‘remember me as a sunny day’ because that was what she was. When she came into a room the room lit up,” Nicholas said.

The Biasis are now in their 80s and say they’ll keep fighting for their daughter.

Cassidy will have a new parole hearing in February.




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