NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Competition during the Super Bowl can be fierce both on and off the field.

Game day can cause plenty of conflicts, but as WLNY’s Valerie Castro found out there are ways that you can plan the perfect party and make your Super Bowl Sunday a happy one.

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Game day decisions can dictate not just the score, but also what kind of day you’ll have.

“Go where you’re going to have the most fun,” psychotherapist Lisa Brateman said.

If your only option for a party is one where there will be lots of children Brateman suggests going to the house with the most space.

“Try to go to the house that has the most room because what a lot of people will do is they’ll set up a different room with games for the kids or a movie or some sort of activity,” she said.

The game that brings people together can also tear them apart.

“Her day is going to be my day, so it’s over for her. That just it,” Patriots fan Kelvin Clander said.

If you’re solo and don’t know which party to choose just pick one.

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“What do you want? Not so much what are the expectations of all the people in your life, you can’t fulfill their wishes that you attend,” Brateman said.

Some worry about going to a party where their employer or coworkers might be. Brateman said if you can behave then go, but urged caution.

“You don’t want to drink too much because even though it’s a party you are still being judged at every moment,” Brateman said.

“You’ll see that a lot of people like to get a little crazy, get too many drinks, you just have to keep it fun, not let it get out of control,” Giovanni Sanchez added.

You may end up at a party where most people are rooting against your team.

“It’s a game. Bottom line is, it’s a game and if we didn’t have people who were rooting for the opposition there would be no game,” Brateman said.

Come Sunday, it’s all about who wins and loses, and how much fun you have.


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