NUTLEY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The sub-zero wind chill isn’t the only problem commuters will face on Friday morning.

Some bus stops in New Jersey look more like ice rinks after the latest storm.

Passengers say an icy pathway that they have to maneuver around after getting off the bus at Route 3 and Main Avenue in Clifton is dangerous and sorely neglected.

“It’s probably a few inches of snow and then ice, and you’re trying to walk through and it’s impossible. There’s no way to safely get there,” April Pish told CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco.

Pish said the treacherous pathway leading from Route 3 westbound is blanketed with so much snow it’s a safety hazard.

“I’ve slipped and fallen before, walking through this because there’s no traction. It’s pure ice,” she said.

Riders say they are usually forced to take their chances and walk along the highway.

“It’s dark and you don’t see the ice, and when you’re walking and the cars don’t see you and it’s very dangerous,” Christian Sebastiano said.

At Route 3 and Passaic Avenue, the conditions at the bus stop are slightly better.

“Here, they’ve made a clearing a little bit,” Fisch said.

This isn’t the first time CBS2 has reported on messy sidewalks concerning New Jersey commuters. There was a similar problem in February of last year. The problem is becoming all too familiar.

As for this year, Clifton City Manager Dominick Villano said the city is responsible for clearing the pathways from bus stops and after the last snow on Monday crews were sent out.

Riders said not enough is being done to keep them safe.

“Eventually, someone is going to get hit,” one commuter said.

The city manager said that after each storm they clear main streets first and then the pathways leading from bus stops.


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