SOMERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Stormy weather has been making a mess of things this winter – not just on the roads, but in schools across the region.

As CBS2’s Cindy Hsu reported Thursday, some school districts have gone over their allotted number of snow days, and now, it is cutting into vacation time.

Many kids love staying home for snow days. But for some areas, including Somers in Westchester County, it has gotten kind of crazy.

Jessica Bernhard has two daughters – Amy and Emily – and she said even they are getting tired of hearing the message, “Please be advised that due to the forecasted winter weather, all schools will be closed tomorrow.”

“We get that message – it’s been seven times so far,” Bernhard said.

The first snow day in Somers was back the day before Thanksgiving on Nov. 26. There were also snow days on Friday, Jan. 9; Monday, Jan. 12; Monday, Jan. 26; Tuesday. Jan. 27; Monday, Feb. 2; and Monday, Feb. 9.

Since the district has gone over its allotted snow days, future vacation days have already been cut.

“We’re losing the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, the day after Easter, and now March 20,” Bernhard said.

If there are any more snow days, Somers will start cutting down spring recess even more. New York state requires schools to be in session for 181 days, and each district decides how many snow days it will likely need.

Patsy Femia, father of daughters Sophia and Amelia, had to resort to shopping on the most recent snow day.

“That’s what we did on one snow day — we went to Toys ‘R’ Us,” he said.

While they have lots of great pictures from all the snow days, Femia said the kids are over it.

“I think my kids are getting bored because they’re not going to school. My kids love school. And it also affects business when it’s too snowy and people are scared to drive around here, you know?” Femia said.

Femia owns a pizza shop, and has had to close it down three times this winter because of weather.

“Stop snowing please, I’ll do a dance — whatever has to be done to stop this snow,” Femia said.

The superintendent of the Somers School District has not commented on the issued.