NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Despite urging from health professionals and officials to stay inside during the frigid weekend, some people had no choice but to brave the freezing temperatures.

TV 10/55’s Steve Langford got the cold shoulder from a Times Square hot dog vendor who was in no mood to talk about an awfully chilly business climate for his product.

But most New Yorkers stuck working outside seemed to be making the best of it, keeping a generally frozen stiff upper lip.

“We keep moving, that’s all. We’re working so we keep moving so the blood flows,” said one man.

Anthony, a Lincoln Square street worker, displayed an astonishingly positive attitude about his bone-chilling task.

“We’re just chopping ice to keep warm; that’s how I keep warm,” he said.

At the Crossroads of the (cold and windy) World, some outdoor workers were bundled up in an almost theatrical style.

“I’m warm enough. Only thing that’s cold are my toes and my nose,” one man said.

And the lure of the Great White Way itself continued to draw ticket-buyers, no matter how crazy cold it was for the long wait outside.

“I mean, Broadway is worth it I think,” said one attendee.

Some highly driven pedicab operators were somehow managing to do business peddling the tourist-equivalent of ice Eskimos.

“If I stay home, I don’t make anything,” said pedicab driver Gregory Klaeboe.

A wind chill advisory is in effect for New York City, northern New Jersey, western Long Island and southern portions of western Connecticut through 9 a.m. Monday. For alerts in other areas, click here.