HARTFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -While an effort to ban smoking on railroad station platforms is underway in Connecticut, one commuter advocate thinks it’s a step too far.

Jim Cameron believes a better way would be for smokers to be considerate to those waiting for trains on the platforms.

Cameron told WCBS 880’s Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau that before boarding, he occassionally enjoys a few puffs on a cigar on the platform.

“But I always do it downwind from where people are standing. I know it’s a habit that some people don’t enjoy or appreciate and I would not consider it appropriate for me to inflict my bad habits on other people,” he said.

Cameron said he doesn’t feel it is appropriate to legislate behavior. He said being considerate of others goes along with discretion before biting into a smelly sandwich aboard a train or talking loundly on hte cell phone.

He said don’t do it, it’s just good manners.

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