NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Efforts are underway to end the game of hide and seek that occurs when cars are towed to make way for parades, and other events.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer explained, a happy ending may be in sight for New York City motorists whose cars are towed to the land of ‘who knows where’ to make room for parades, construction, and most often TV and movie shoots.

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One city councilman is suggesting a common sense, and common courtesy solution.

“Anytime a car got towed, you’d be able to just call 311, go online, find your car. Not worry if it got stolen, where it got towed, just find it, move on with your life,” Councilman Ben Kallos D-Upper East Side, said.

Often, the problem is that a private operations manager just orders the cars moved somewhere, treating drivers to the sinking feeling that comes with finding their cars have simply vanished.

“The first thing everyone thinks of is ‘Oh my god, my car got stolen and the first thing you do is call 911, and they can’t help you,” Kallos said.

Kallos knows the heartache all too well. It happened to his disabled mother.

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“They towed her car five blows away and into a spot that was illegal. We finally found it and by then it was buried in tickets to it was about to be towed again. It’s completely outrageous,” Kallos said.

In addition to giving car locations to 311, the councilman also wants them posted on the DOT website.

Triple A’s Robert Sinclair said he, like most New Yorkers, absolutely hates the idea of a stranger moving his care.

“New Yorkers spend a lot of money to own a motor vehicle, tolls, and surcharges, and fees. All the things we are hit with, it’s an expensive process and you don’t want someone messing around with your wheels,” Sinclair said.

Sinclair pointed out that if a car isn’t towed properly it can be damaged. A four-wheel drive car has to be on a flat bed truck, not attached to a hook and dragged.

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