NORWALK, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — More snow is headed to the New York area and not only are people running out of places to put it, but it’s causing fights between neighbors.

People across the Tri-State area are taking advantage of the first mild March day to clear away dirty snow, slush, and ice.

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One man in Norwalk told CBS2’s Elise Finch that he and a neighbor have been helping each other to dig out for years.

“When one gets tired, the other one takes over. So we work together we get finished together,” Melford Miles said.

After numerous storms a lot of people have lost patience with the snow and each other.

“People are getting irritated, you know. Having to shovel their walkways everyday, their driveways,” Victor Amereno said.

“It’s just tiring and probably stressing everybody out,” Christina Gomez said.

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A woman in one Norwalk apartment complex was arrested on Monday, after an argument with her neighbor about clearing off their snow covered cars turned violent.

“She threatened the individual that she would come out and strike her with the shovel. The individual egged her on at which point Mrs. Nelson apparently came out and did in fact strike the victim with the shovel in the head,” Sgt. Terrance Blake, Norwalk Police Department said.

The unwritten rules of snow removal aren’t clear cut, but these guidelines can help:

  • Don’t pile snow you clear onto your neighbor’s car or parking space. It should be placed in neat piled on the sidewalk or in a common area.
  • Don’t steal a space you didn’t clear, at least not for 48 hours.
  • Aim snow blowers away from people, cars, and buildings.
  • Offer to shovel a sick or elderly neighbor’s property and whenever possible work with your neighbors.

It’s common sense and common courtesy, but some people may have forgotten that this winter as physical altercations between neighbors over snow removal practices have been reported across the northeast.


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