NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A possible toll on I-95 at the New York/Connecticut border has some concerned it could send traffic through suburban neighborhoods, causing traffic, safety and environmental concerns.

Sen. Charles Schumer insists New York is not out to scuttle its neighbor’s effort, but said if neighboring towns such as Port Chester and Rye don’t “have a seat at the table” in the toll planning process, he would urge federal highway officials to withhold support.

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“We’re putting the feds on notice that any proposal that fails to incorporate communities from New York, communities that would be impacted, should be dead on arrival,” Schumer told reporters Tuesday, including WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane.

Schumer said local communities are concerned the traffic caused by the new toll would affect emergency response times and air quality and slow down local businesses in Rye and Port Chester.

Port Chester’s downtown area is currently riding high on a restaurant and arts renaissance, and Mayor Elect Dennis Pilla said that could stall if the main streets fall victim to gridlock.

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“They were built in the colonial era. They were built in the era of the horse and buggy,” he said.

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy said tolls are just one way of paying for a 30-year transportation overhaul for the state.

“It’s not a done deal at all, and we’re not telling Connecticut what to do right now,” Schumer said. “We’re telling Connecticut we want input.”

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