NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As we wait for spring weather to bloom, now is a great time to get your spring cleaning started.

CBS2’s Cindy Hsu spoke with an expert who offered some time-saving tips that can help you clear out the clutter this spring.

Hermine Heller has three young children, she enlisted professional organizer Molly Pesce to help her get moving on spring cleaning.

“It’s just so cleansing. There’s just so much more space and you can see things,” Heller said.

When it comes to toys, Pesce said to clear them out when the kids aren’t home and leave the toy area looking organized.

“The minute you fix it up and make it look beautiful. They never miss any of the stuff that’s missing,” Pesce said.

When attacking the linen closet nix any sheets that are discolored or have holes in them.

“I’m always amazed at people, often times have every sheet they have ever owned,” she said.

Pesce said you only need two sets of sheets for each bed, and when it comes to towels, get rid of the old ones. She also suggested assigning each member of your family their own towel.

It’s also a great time to go through your clothes. If you haven’t worn it in the last year it’s time to ditch or donate. If you can’t part with certain pieces go with a ‘maybe bin.’ Put the item away for a year and then try again.

It’s also important to go through everything in your kitchen pantry to check for expiration dates.

If you have a mess of magazines it’s time to toss them.

“Right now it’s April. So, let’s try to get rid of every magazine before February,” Pesce said.

She was able to cut a magazine stack down to ten magazines.

For catalogs and brochures she employs a different tactic.

“Try to throw them out the minute they arrive at your house. Don’t even bring them upstairs,” she said.

Finally, giveaway bags should be removed from the home immediately so you won’t be tempted to pick things out to keep.

If it’s a tough time to get started use a timer and try to do one hour a day for a week.



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