By Steve Silverman
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Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are almost certain to be drafted high in the first round later this month, as these two big-name quarterbacks have the potential to be game-breakers who can start from day one.

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While Winston’s off-the-field problems and some competitive inconsistencies raise questions, he is undoubtedly a physically talented individual who has a chance to become a star if he can stay focused and committed. Mariota appears to be a near-perfect prospect who has remarkable emotional maturity. Some scouts have raised questions about his ability to throw medium- and long-range passes, but those doubters have been drowned out by scouts who have studied his form, technique and consistency.

While Winston and Mariota may be the only quarterbacks in the draft who get selected in the first round, there are five other quarterbacks who have a chance to be solid players with respectable careers. They are not going to be drafted in the first round, but neither was Russell Wilson (third round), Joe Montana (3rd round) or Tom Brady (6th round).

Here’s a look at the other quarterbacks who could turn out to be tremendous value picks in the 2015 draft.

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Brett Hundley, UCLAHundley is a big, strong, athletic leader who showed significant improvement in the 2014 season. He struggled very early for the Bruins, but got steadily better as the season moved along. Hundley has a strong arm and a quick release, and he completed 271 of 392 passes for 3,155 yards with 22 touchdowns and just five interceptions. The most impressive aspect of his game may be his ability to command the huddle and run the offense. Hundley put good numbers on the boards in each of his three years with the Bruins, but he became a leader who could run the huddle with authority as the 2014 season moved along. Hundley will most likely get drafted in the second or third round, but he may go on to have a career that is better than those of Winston and Mariota.

Garrett Grayson, Colorado State – Grayson has a unique understanding of the position, and he showed off excellent instincts and passing ability while leading the Rams. Grayson did an excellent job of leading his receivers and throwing the ball accurately. He has excellent touch on medium- and long-range passes, and can also throw with velocity when it is demanded. Grayson has decent size at 6-foot-2 and 213 pounds, but he has an unorthodox delivery that some scouts did not like. Grayson appears to be a third- or fourth-round pick, but he has a chance to be productive by the start of his second year. He is very smart and can learn an offense quickly.

Bryce Petty, Baylor – Petty has more than enough size and strength at 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds to stave off the rush, keep his feet and then make a throw with plenty of velocity. Petty can make the tough sideline throw. Some scouts question his ability to play against NFL-level cornerbacks because he tends to stare down receivers, but that’s a characteristic he can easily overcome. Petty is smart enough to realize that professional defensive backs are simply too fast and athletic, and he won’t be able to get away with that. Petty threw for 4,200 yards and had a 32-to-3 TD-interception ratio in 2013, and he came back with a 3,855-yard season that included 29 touchdowns and seven interceptions in 2014. Petty may not be drafted until the third or fourth round, but he has a solid and dependable game.

Sean Mannion, Oregon State – Mannion may have more potential than any of the quarterbacks in the draft because of his excellent size and natural throwing ability. Mannion checks in at 6-foot-6 and 232 pounds, and he has the ability to see over the top of the defense. He can get the ball to his receivers with a remarkably easy and proficient passing motion. Mannion understands how to receive the ball under center and drop back, and that gives him an edge over some quarterbacks who were in the shotgun on nearly every snap. Mannion struggles with mobility, but he is not a sitting duck because he can sense the rush. Look for him to be drafted in the fourth or fifth round.

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Brandon Bridge, South Alabama – Bridge is quite athletic and one of the smoothest and fastest players at his position. Bridge can pick up big yards when he runs because he has an excellent stride that allows him to eat up yards. He also has the arm strength to go with his speed. He can get the ball downfield with a snap of his wrist and he can do it with authority. His accuracy is not what it will be with one-to-two years of development. Bridge completed 160 of 307 passes for 1,927 yards, with 15 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Bridge may be drafted in the sixth- or seventh round, but his talent and athleticism should give him an excellent chance to make it.