NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Going for a run, biking or lifting weights are all great exercises, but which activity burns the most calories?

Well, if you think cardio is the only way you are going to lose weight, think again.

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As CBS2’s Alex Denis reported, losing weight is a numbers game– Calories in must not exceed calories out.

If you add in weight training to the cardio exercise you’ll build lean muscle which will help boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

And speaking of building muscle, just because you ran or biked doesn’t mean you don’t need to do leg exercises.

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In order to get a metabolic burn in the legs, you are going to need to do things like squats or leg lifts or even lunges.

If you think you have to work out for an hour in order for cardio exercise to be effective, you don’t.

Doctors say any cardio exercise is good for you and your heart.

Not only will you burn calories fast, but you are likely to burn calories for up to 38 hours after the workout because you have revved up that metabolism.

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No matter what you do, doctors say getting up and getting moving is essential to good health.