NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Overwhelming fear is how a woman described what she felt during a run in with a group of bikers.

She was also worried about her baby in the back seat as the bikers attacked her husband.

Rosalyn Ng, the wife of the man at the wheel of the vehicle — Alexian Lien — and the mother of a 2-year-old girl, was on the witness stand on Tuesday and described her initial confrontation with the bikers on the West Side Highway in 2013.

Rosalyn Ng, the wife of biker melee victim Alexian Lien, testifies at the trial of two alleged assailants on Tuesday, May 19. (Credit: CBS2)

Rosalyn Ng, the wife of biker melee victim Alexian Lien, testifies at the trial of two alleged assailants on Tuesday, May 19. (Credit: CBS2)

“They were pointing two fingers at their eyes, like watching you, a slashing motion in front of their throats like, ‘We’ll get you,’ also using their middle finger too,” she said.

One of the defendants is undercover NYPD Officer Wojciech Braszczok. He his face in front of cameras on Tuesday, and as CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, his face was hidden under a colorful helmet on the day of the brawl.

On newly released video, the cop can be seen shattering the rear window of the sport-utility vehicle, and kicking it for good measure, Aiello reported.

The seeds of the confrontation had been planted minutes earlier.

As CBS2’s Steve Langford reported, Ng testified that her husband was surrounded by bikers after bumping into one of their bikes. When he asked what he should do, she said, ‘go, just go.’

The Range Rover pulled away and ran over one of the bikers.

“I knew he hit something because the car went up high. I thought we went over a bike. I had no idea we went over a biker,” she said.

When the family got to Washington Heights, Lien was pulled out of the car and pummeled by biker. The district attorney released photos of his injuries.

Lien’s wife testified that she screamed as the bikers closed in.

“Someone got his door. I was screaming, ‘we have a baby,'” she said.

Ng also told the court that bikers almost got her out of the car too.

“Somehow they got my door open and tried to yank me out of the car, pulling my arm and leg. I tried to kick them off and I screamed, ‘there’s a baby in the car,'” she said.

When asked by a defense attorney if she had any second thoughts about running over a biker as they tried to get away, Ng said ‘absolutely not’ because she thought they were going to die.

Ng didn’t mention running over the biker in her 911 call.

As the bikers caught up to the family on 178th Street near the George Washington Bridge, Lien could be heard pleading for police.

“West 178th Street, please help! Please help,” he said.

Her voice calmed as a good Samaritans came to the aid of the family.

“My husband’s bleeding all over the street. We need help. We need an ambulance,” she said.

The trial is expected to wrap up in early to mid June. There is no jury. A judge will hand down the verdict.