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Jerry Recco’s first update began with sound from the Rangers as they prepare for Game 7. Henrik Lundqvist comments on the energy of a series-deciding game and Boomer describes the feeling of playing and advancing in the playoffs.

The Yankees lost in Oakland as CC Sabathia and a depleted bullpen couldn’t hold a lead. Craig guarantees the Yankees will bounce back Friday night and wants you to put the mortgage on it.

Craig also wants the Knicks to hire Tom Thibodeau, who was fired by the Bulls on Thursday. He thinks Thibodeau was under-appreciated in Chicago and would be an improvement over Derek Fisher.

Finally, we get an update on Adrian Peterson, who went on a Twitter rant on contracts in the NFL. Safe to say, the guys aren’t having any of it, and Boomer has a lot to say about the running back’s recent behavior.


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