MORRISTOWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — It was an emotional day in a Morristown, New Jersey courtroom Friday, as the woman who admitted to killing her boyfriend’s wife in Boonton apologized to the victim’s family — and learned her fate.

As CBS2’s Andrea Grymes reported, Antoinette Stephen walked silently into the courtroom during the sentencing hearing Friday. But she did not stay quiet when given the opportunity to address the family of Nazish Noorani – the woman she admitted she murdered.

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“Knowing all that I know now, all I can say is I’m really sorry,” Stephen said. “I take full responsibility for my part in this tragedy, and if my punishment can give you some small measure of relief, I’ll gladly take it.”

Stephen took a plea deal – admitting she shot and killed Noorani – the wife of her boyfriend, Kashif Parvaiz, – and a mother of two.

Noorani was walking with Parvaiz and their youngest son in Boonton, New Jersey back in August 2011 – when she was gunned down. Parvaiz was shot in the leg.

He claimed they were targeted in an anti-Muslim attack — but Stephen ended up admitting she pulled the trigger under orders from Parvaiz.

“Her last word with her dying breath was, ‘Allah.’ I heard it, and it haunts me day in and day out,” Stephen said. “I know he took her to heaven. I know she is in heaven. I have to believe that.”

Stephen’s attorney told the judge Parvaiz concocted a sick web of lies that Stephen believed – including that he was separated, and that Noorani refused to get their sick son treatment – so he needed her out of the picture to save his child’s life.

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Stephen said she bought it.

Noorani’s brother did not buy her apology.

“Antoinette, you murdered my best friend. How dare you murder her and then say you are sorry!” said Kaleem Noorani. “Who gave you the right to be the judge, jury and executioner?”

The prosecutor called Parvaiz a horrible, narcissistic person – but said Stephen is not a victim.
“Ultimately, what she did is inexcusable and indefensible,” said Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Troiano.

The judge sentenced Stephen to 30 years in prison, with the likelihood she’ll be deported when she’s released.

Noorani’s brother said in court that even if Stephen got the maximum possible sentence, it’s his sister’s two little children – now motherless – who are truly serving a life sentence.

Stephen testified against Parvaiz at trial after pleading guilty to murder and other offenses.

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A jury convicted Parvaiz in February for arranging the murder, and last month, the judge sentenced him to a minimum of 73 years in prison without parole.