RUMSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — In a Rumson, New Jersey neighborhood, residents say the large trees play a vital role in the community.

But the trees marked with a red X are slated to be cut down, CBS2’s Christine Sloan reports. And the community is not happy.

“We want the trees to stay,” demanded Rumson resident Denise Kelleher.

The tree cut down is part of a sidewalk project.

“There is no reason the sidewalks and the curbs and the street can’t be repaired and fixed … leaving the trees here,” Kelleher said.

The trees are marked to be cut down because of the possibility they could damage the sidewalk.

CBS2’s Christine Sloan went to Borough Hall to speak with someone at the Department of Public Works but no one was available for comment.

Residents say the were originally told only dead trees would be chopped down. But now, all the trees on one particular block has an X mark on it.

“I will do whatever it takes to protect this tree and my neighbor’s trees,” said one resident.

Residents said Borough officials listened to their grievances Monday morning, but it is unclear if the trees will be saved.


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