NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a new way to find a parking spot without the stress and hassle of driving around New York City.

As CBS2’s Emily Smith reported, it can sometimes be impossible to find a parking spot in the city.

One driver in Forte Greene said he nearly got into a fist fight with another guy who was “actually standing in front of the parking spot and refused to move.”

But now, there’s an app for that. It’s called Spot Pog.

Other similar apps have been banned nationwide because they led to people charging for public parking, but this app doesn’t cost a penny — relying on people’s good will to check-in and alert other drivers they’ll be vacating a parking spot.

When looking for a spot on the app, a map pops up showing you what is available.

“I’d be looking for a free space and I would want to swap right on the street with them. So I tell them that I’m going to be in their neighborhood in about 15 minutes,” explained Spot Pog spokesperson Evan Theis.

Theis also urged users to set it up before shifting into drive to avoid distracted driving.

The app is still in its beginning stages with not many users, but there’s a lot of steam behind it, Smith reported.

“This is about human engagement using technology with human beings to make the smart choices,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

While the app is free for public parking, there is also a private aspect to it. Homeowners can loan their driveways and start a bidding process, Smith reported.

For anyone looking to park on private property, they can go on Spot Pog and see who’s driveway is available. You name the price and wait for approval.

It’s all electronic, like Seamless or Uber, where paying cash is not an option.

“Might as well make some money,” said one driver. (Smith: You would do that? Sure.

Spot Pog takes 30 percent of the money made on each driveway rental. It’s similar to AirBnB with the focus on a place to park rather than sleep.


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