RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Saturday marks the 105th annual Fourth of July parade in Ridgewood, New Jersey and the clamor among the locals for a good spot is unlike anything seen before.

CBS2’s Kristine Johnson tweeted out a photo of the chairs people set out to make sure they have front row seats along the route.

“It’s a very big thing in this town,” said Katherine Perry.

As CBS2’s Scott Rapoport reported Friday, though there really is nothing to see here, hundreds of chairs, empty chairs, now line the streets in advance of what’s to come.

“Everyone lays their chairs out days before, weeks before, weeks before,” said Bradni Black.

That’s right. Some said people started putting chairs out two weeks ago in an effort to reserve their spot along the parade route, Rapoport reported.

“Everyone has their spot they come to every year,” said Black. “And you got to make sure you have the same spot every year.”

James Staiano and his kids were putting out six chairs of their own.

“My children pressured me to bring the chairs now. So here we are,” he said.

Some of the chairs are actually tied together and roped to sign posts and telephone poles, lest anyone try to steal their spot.

“Really competitive, you know. I’ve seen people try to like, untie some chairs and then like take away other people’s chairs just so they can get a good spot,” said Hailey Haglid.

As for the rules or etiquette of leaving chairs on the street, Rapoport wondered if it’s even legal.

“That’s always a touchy situation because technically this is abandoned property,” said Capt. Jacqueine Luthcke, with the Village of Ridgewood Police Department. “But it is something we have allowed through the years.”

It’s just how they roll in Ridgewood, where everyone loves a good parade.


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