NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A picture of a cake is stirring debate on social media.

A Reddit user posted the photo to their Imgur account with the title “The cake that was ordered and the cake that was delivered.”

The cake is meant to be “Elsa” from Disney’s “Frozen.”

The final rendition of the cake has drawn a lot of reaction online. It has been viewed more than two million times, with some folks defending the result and others panning it.

Check out an embed of “The cake that was ordered and the cake that was delivered” below:

Mashable, a website with a strong focus on social media, reports that the cake is based on a design from McGreevey’s Cakes of Akron, New York. McGreevey’s Cakes offers video tutorials on how to make and decorate cakes, and does not prepare the cakes themselves.

McGreevey’s Cakes took to their Facebook page to respond to criticism of the final Elsa cake.

“I’m being asked by… everyone, what I think about the recent posts/articles about my Elsa cake and another baker’s Elsa cake being compared,” they wrote. “It’s just that… well… this is what I think- I think someone tried. I think someone had the guts to go for it… even when, I’m sure, they didn’t know if they could pull it off. They took the chance anyway and put themselves out there. And maybe it didn’t come out they way they were hoping, but it’s their WORK.”

The cake appears to have been made on behalf of the group Icing Smiles, a non-profit that donates custom cakes for families of children who have been impacted by serious illnesses. 

“I look at it this way… what if it was done by one of my kiddos, or someone in my family who I love dearly? What if they really wanted to try this out, and were scared to, but decided to do it anyway, knowing they had to start somewhere? Would I be ashamed? Not in a million years,” McGreevey’s Cakes wrote. “Cause at the end of the day, they took a risk, and instead of hiding in their safe little comfy box, they stepped out of it for a second and gave it a go. And THAT’S what I think this life is all about.”

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